Monday, February 18, 2008

ZuYan, where are the cards?

ZuYan wanted to flash the card to me, imitation though.
So I sat and he flash but I walk away after awhile and let him work on his own.

Later, I found that three cards are missing.

This is the fun part.
I cannt get mad at him every time I found something missing and I don't expect to find it by asking him "ZuYan, have you seen ...?" or "ZuYan, where is ...?"
Sometime he will surprise you. He did know what are you looking for and where it is.

This time, he saw me picking up the cards from the floor, he came and help.
When I though I have pick up all the cards, he pulled out one card from underneath of wardrobe.

After big hug and thank you then I found two cards are missing.
Where else? It must be underneath the wardrobe.
The wardrobe is too heavy to be moved.
Make two more new cards!

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