Friday, February 15, 2008

Light and easy

Emm.. the progress of the reading has been slow and easy, if compared to what is stated in the book "How to teach your baby to read".

In the book stated, start with 5 words and add in 5 words each day up to 25 words. Then drop the oldest word and add in new words start with 1 word and up to 5 words each day.

I have been slow or "WE" have been slow.
With the in and out household works, my freelance works, meal time, shower time, nap time, playtime. We actually left not much time. And, since the timing, the mood, the ambience when the cards are flash are important, One day we could only do 1 group of words.

Finding the right time is crucial. If ZuYan's does not shows any interest when I hold the cads and ask "Want to play the word game?". I will not do it. On certain day, we did not do the cards game at all.

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