Friday, July 6, 2007

Getting ready to start

With the card and dots in hand, I have reread the book "How to teach your child maths." to make sure I start it right at the begining.

Rereading the book gave me a feel of pressure again. The program has to be carried out continuously and consistently. And another "wow" again at how fast the whole program progress if done correctly.

Start with flashing dots card 1-5 on first day, then add another 5 cards on second day. On the sixth day, replace the oldest cards dot 1 and 2 with 11 and 12, and carry on the same by replacing 2 old cards with 2 new cards everyday.

When you reach dots card 20 about 2 weeks time, you are ready to intoduce "Additional". Start with the less dot comnbination and within the dot card than you have flash.

After 2 weeks of introducing additional, subtraction is the next concept to be introduced. After 2 weeks of introducing subtraction, multiplication will be introduced. After 2 weeks of introducing multiplication, division will be introduced.

Can you see that, from start to division, it will take about two and half month.

After two and half month, the child would had grab all the concepts? By then ZY will be 17 month old. Amaze!

I really would like to see what will happend about three months time.