Monday, June 11, 2007

DIY Glenn Doman Maths cards

Sourcing, sourcing, sourcing ...

So I must start now, do it, do it, do it.

I bought a piece of blank card 21"x31" at Popular cost RM1.2o. Then came home found out that if were to follow the standard in Glenn Doman's "How to teach your baby maths." I can only cut 1 piece of 11"x11" card out of one big piece of card. If were to reduce the size to 10.5"x10.5" I can get 2 pieces(pcs). For the whole program I needed about 211 pcs. That will cost me around RM128.00. Excluded the cost of labour. For dots, I survey in Tesco and Jusco, results are 600dots per pack cost RM3.90. I needed at least 5050dots. That will cost me RM35.10 for 9 packs. Total cost for Maths program only is RM163.10.

Thinking about cutting the 211pcs of cards, I am not sure how long do I have to take and do I have the time to cut. I might only be able to cut 1 or 2 pieces per day. I stop and wonder, looking around for sometime and finally, finally I got the DIY Glenn Doman Maths cards cost less than RM100.00 cheaper than what I calculated above. Forget about the cutting, now I only need to do the pasting of dots.

I have decided...

After 8 months, I have decided to introduce Glenn Doman flash card method to ZY.

It was 8 months ago, when ZY was 4 months old, I sat and listen to a sales person promoting Glenn Doman method. I heard about Glenn Doman method before ZY's arriving but never look into the details. I feel a bit late to start the program with ZY after the session. I am a very budgeted person, I will do things that I am able to by myself. I feel a bit late because I can prepare the material by myself, cutting, pasting dots, writing the numerals, that is easy. But it needs time which I can hardly find time to do any extra things other that daily routine work with ZY around.

The desire, the thought to introduce the program to ZY was pending till one day I realised if I don't do it now, I could never be able to do it anymore. Because ZY is growing too fast, too fast for me to catch up with him. Everyday there are surprises.

It happend when ZY woke up in one day morning and walked to the shoe cabinet then took out his shoe that I bought him the night before. I show him where to keep his shoe once and close the cabinet. That's it. And he remember!